Welcome to qupulse’s documentation!

qupulse is a python package to write, manage and playback arbitrarily nested quantum control pulses. This documentation contains concept explanations, jupyter notebook examples and the automatically generated API reference. The API reference does not cover parts of qupulse that are explicitly considered an implementation detail like qupulse._program.

You are encouraged to read the concept explanations and interactively explore the linked examples. To do this you can install qupulse via python -m pip install -e git+https://github.com/qutech/qupulse.git#egg=qupulse[default] which will clone the qupulse into ./src/qupulse. You can find the examples in doc/source/examples and open them with jupyter, Spyder or another IDE of your choice.

There is a learners guide available to help with an efficient exploration of qupulse’s features.


qupulse API Documentation


A Quantum compUting PULse parametrization and SEquencing framework.

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